5 Most Hyped Strains of Summer

Like all four seasons, summer is a great time for cannabis! In the summer, there’s no better way to enjoy the medicating effects of cannabis than by sparking up a joint packed to the gills with your favorite festive flower. But why restrict yourself to the flower you’re used to smoking and vaping? With so many advancements and innovations in the cannabis industry, it’s time for you to ditch your status quo Budweiser-level bud for the top-shelf stuff. It’s summer in 2021. You’re a whiskey drinker now—or rather, a high-end toker. Below you’ll find our Kure Bags’ picks for five of the most hyped strains of Summer 2021.

Kush Mints
What if I told you—hear me out—you could enjoy the minty sensation of the aftersmoke gum or mint while you smoke your ganj? A high-THC hybrid at 27%, Kush Mints delivers the satisfactory flavor sensation of your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream with enough THC to perhaps even convince you that it’s ice cream you’re eating. A popular indoor grow in Colorado, Kush Mints has taken the cannabis world by storm for its unique taste and uplifting effect, said to melt away stress and relax all those who experience it.

Looking for a bomb strain of sativa to electrify your mind? Considered one of the best tasting strains in the Gold Rush state, Gelonade is a first place Cannabis Cup all-star for good reason: behold, a quality sativa strain that relaxes yet does not send the user to the dimension of anxiety limbo. The scandalous love child of universally beloved Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree, Gelonade is known for its pungent citrus notes and beautifully rump orange-and-purple-speckled buds. If you’re hanging out on the west coast and not smoking Gelonade, we have one question for you: what the hell are you doing?

When in premium territory, you should expect to pay premium prices. As a result of dubiously written legislation by a city that would be much more suited to regulate cannabis as a state, there are no dispensaries in D.C. like you’ll find in every other recreationally legal state. Instead, weed is allowed to be grown, owned, and gifted. To get around this, most cannabis entrepreneurs have rightly resorted to selling awesome T-shirts and stickers with a “gift” that includes cannabis. Is it ideal? Not really. Does it work for now? Absolutely!

Which brings us to Biskante, the latest designer weed of the District. Like their creator’s name suggests, Biskante is a strain that appears to come from an alien planet, grown by a more advanced civilization for a more advanced stoner. Dear traveler, don’t let your eyes fool you! This is cannabis, not from the furthest reaches of space and time, but from Alien Labs in Sacramento. While this strain of cosmic cannabis hails from the golden coasts of Cali, it has grown in popularity more recently on the East Coast, hence our commentary on the District’s otherworldly rec program. Biskante is a 50/50 hybrid that smacks its user with the complexity of a Marvel Comics multiverse and flavor that would make even the most cannabis-averse earthling’s mouth water.

Bacio Gelato
Like we said, it’s summer time, and summer means it’s time to get stupid stoned. If you’re going to take a trip beyond the clouds while enjoying the hot summer sun, you’d better come prepared. There’s no better way to come correct than the cool lazy breezes of Bacio Gelato. Trying to calm down? Bacio Gelato has you covered. Chasing a powerful high? Please. Looking to get freaky with your loved ones? May as well pick this one up for date night with your honey—the top reported effect of Bacio Gelato is arousal. The love baby of newly weds Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC, Bacio Gelato has a lot to live up to, and boy does it live up to it. Hold on there, buckaroo—not so fast! Be warned, this is a strain not for the inexperienced stoner, for Bacio Gelato is reported to have a powerful effect on both heart and mind.


We all loved gushers as kids, and perhaps some writers of cannabis-related blogs in adult form, which goes to show that if you loved gummies and candy like I do, you’re going to love Frankenstein’s monster of all fruity cannabis—the relaxing and sweet Gushers. Born from the iconic duo of Runtz and Zkittlez, if you’re not in the mood to take your cannabis experience to, uh, the next level, but still desire to get stoned off your rocker, Gushers is the strain for you. Having trouble getting sleep? Gushers! Feeling achy and nauseous? Gushers, baby! Intense euphoria fan? No worries—we have Gushers.

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