1/4lb KURE BAGS - Black/Opaque - Front & Back Window - Case

Case Size: 10
Sale price$30.00


1/4lb Kure Bags with TerpSavr Technology are designed and based in the USA. They were made specifically for holding and transporting cannabis safely and securely. TerpSavr Technology provides a number of benefits so that you can have peace of mind. Your cannabis content is guaranteed to maintain its proper weight, retain its delicate terpene profiles and balance, and prevent mold and other foreign material from settling in. Kure Bags are specially crafted to harness a microclimate with ideal humidity levels between 58%-62%, perfect for Cannabis. Furthermore, our attractive design allows to get a fuller picture of the content it holds and we've designed in a special place to apply labels for branding and content information on the back.


Kure Bags are currently available in three sizes: 1/4lb, 1/2lb, and 1lb

Perfect for: Growers, Processors, Transporters, Connoisseurs, Consumers, and more.

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